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Dianea Carroll Phillips

 Multiplatform Professional

                                                 SEEC CREW Team 2022

 B.Ed. McGill University, Certified Aerospace Educator-Alumni of the Space and Rocketry Center, Huntsville, Alabama; NASA-SEEC Space Exploration Educators Conference-Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, TX. Adventures In Wisdom Youth Coach—Austin, Texas, and PPCC (Life Coaching) Concordia University certified, Professional/Personal Adult Life Coach. She is a graduate of the weightless flights experiences having completed 12 parabolas with ZeroG Corporation, and performed 5 student experiments while weightless. 


Dianea is one of the four founding members of the Montreal Storytellers’ Guild, an entrepreneur, owning Enchanting Tales Storytelling for schools and libraries, and Science Yourself! No G’s About It! -STEM and STEAM Informal Education programs for children in and around Montreal. In fall 2020, she launched an informal education "Space School" on the West Island of Montreal. Programs include "Science Herself!" NASA SPARX-international collaboration for the Artemis program and the Embrace Space programs in the fall of 2022.

                                          SEEC 2022 Nano Science Workshop

 With 30 plus years in the education field, she has been a game changer in classrooms and 21st century whole school progress. She continues to be a leader in the field. She works in many roles, from classroom teacher support to providing educational consultant services, as well as being a mentor and teacher model. Dianea supports and provides services for home school students and unschooling programs.

She brings students and teachers together to solve food insecurity issues for Earth and space, in her role as the Canadian Principal Investigator for, Leguminaut program (plants in space) program.


She served as president of DKG Quebec for 4.5 years. This year, she is the outgoing president of DKG Quebec (2023), Canada and is a recognized DKG International Speaker and a DKG Quebec teacher mentor. Her educational experiences have taken her to Korea, Thailand, and many schools within the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

She holds a volunteer position at the Montreal Aviation Museum where she is President/Chair of the education team and sits on the Operatives Committee.

As a certified adult and youth coach, Dianea offers a variety of services that support children's self-esteem and abilities to improve their capacities at school and how they communicate as social beings.



                                                     Dream it!

                                                   DARE TO DO IT!

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                                                Everything is possible!