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 STEM and STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) can prepare children for life-long opportunities leading children to choose careers in fast growing, innovative fields.  Children develop conceptual understandings through STEAM integrated experiences that will continue to influence and help them to construct knowledge for many years to come.  Skills attained through STEM/STEAM education enhance and develop conceptual learning such as: problem solving, critical thinking, curiosity, decision making, leadership, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure and so much more. No all schools offer STEM and/or STEAM programs. Science Yourself! No G's About It! provides many hands on learning opportunities for children. Our students work together in an informal, collaborative education setting. Our mission is to share the importance of innovation through STEM/STEAM with children in our community.  

Our inquiry based program provides children with NASA based and Canadian aerospace themed Science/art activities. The activities help children to explore the interplay of STEAM through fun, engaging, thought-provoking ways.  The children get to work individually and in groups to uncover knowledge, interpret their findings and explore their own discoveries.

We are fortunate to have many global partners (NASA SPARX) who are willing to share their professional knowledge and skills with the children in our programs. We have special events where parents and children can learn from the expertise of our skilled and knowledgeable global presenters. Our partners come from the fields of astronomy, aviation, aerospace, science, technology and the arts. 

Home School families benefit from our programs. If you would like to know more about home school programs, please contact us at

What better way for your child to get ahead of the learning curve all the while having fun in a setting that is designed for kids ages 7-12!

Samples of our multifaceted lessons and activities:

  • ExoLab Legumes in Space Program
  • Living in Space
  • Canada in Space
  • Moon Map and Landers 
  • Make your own Canadarm
  • Robotic Arm Activities
  • Circuits 
  • Astronomy
  • Life Aboard the International Space Station
  •  Satellites
  • The Solar System
  • Build your own International Space Station
  • Heading to Mars – Time to Pack
  • Artemis Generation
  • Design and Build your own Spacecraft
  • Create a new Healthy Space Menu for the I.S.S.
  • Space Suits and EVA Walks
  • Space Slime and States of Matter
  • Coding in the Learning Lab with BB-8, Scratch and Python
  • Colonize Mars 
  • Artemis Landers
  • Build a Space Box Viewer
  • Rockets and Landers
  • Space Lessons. Worksheets & Handouts
  • Tomatosphere - Seeds in Space ISS Program
  • Robotics: Sphero SPRK, Dash Bots, Bee Bots, and Blue Bots, Mini Sphero, LEGO Mindstorms
  • Makerspace - Make Your own Robot



   STEM/STEAM After School Program for Girls

                                     LAUNCHING NOVEMBER  5, 2021 


STEAMGENUITY (formerly Science Herself), is an after school program offered by Science Yourself! No G's About IT.  STEAMGENUITY encourages girls in Grades 2-6 to immerse themselves in science, technology, engineering and math. We believe introducing girls to hands-on STEM activities, increases girls confidence levels and make them more inclined to be active participants in scientific fields. Every STEAMGENUITY girl, will be given the opportunity to engage in high quality learning activities that will inspire them to transform their world. 

 All materials are supplied by Science Yourself! No G’s About It! Programs. The activities will provide our girls with engaging activities.  Girls learn through fun, exciting and hand-on activities. They are exposed to a wide range of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics through our programs.  Let us link your child to jobs that they are entitled to be a part of or even be leaders in! In addition to the club, the school will be connected to STEM businesses, be visited by  female STEM role models and have first-hand links with STEM businesses offering, work experience, apprenticeships and possibly post graduate positions.


Code Learning Lab 

          (Sorry! We will get back to you. This program not available at this time.)

Why everyone should code?

Coding is telling a computer, app, phone or website what you want it to do.  There is no other better way to understand how technology operates than by learning how to code!

Those who code engage in a process of thinking creatively, are efficient in problem solving and can easily visualize abstract concepts. Through coding, kids are able to strengthen their brain, plan and organize their thoughts and apply math to real world situations.

There are unlimited numbers of jobs and occupations that use code directly such as; web designers, software developers as well as, jobs that are beyond the 21st century in manufacturing, banking, nanotechnology and shopping!

What will children learn in our Code Lab?

Students who are just starting will begin to understand the concepts of programming using Scratch in an interactive way.  Scratch is a program from MIT that lets kids create games and animations without learning programming text—it’s a drag-and-drop way to learn computer concepts and have fun. The skills acquired will help you get into the world of programming, after which you can very smoothly transition to learning Python in our advanced classes.

The intermediate/advanced students will learn to problem solve using a highly sought-after programming language called Python. Starting from the basics, they will go through a variety of questions, learn the syntax of the language and end with the ability to make a game.

We look forward to working with your little enquirer who will to learn and know more about coding beyond their classroom skills and abilities. No background required!


Magnitude I.O. Program

From the classroom to the International Space Station

Science Yourself! No G's About It! - Space School Program has been selected as the first Canadian organization to participate with Leguminaut program. creates project-based learning experiences designed for STEM education and is mapped to NGSS (USA standards) for K12. ExoLab permits students to be working alongside astronauts on the ISS performing biology experiments held under a microgravity environment on the International Space Station. We are proud to be partnered with our American and international partners on this journey. Let's get your child ready to be a Space Farmer or Biologist. The future is NOW! 

Ground versions of the CubeLab, known as the ExoLab, are distributed across more than 150 schools in the United States, Canada, South Africa and Germany. These schools collaborate, through the platform, in the investigation of the effects of the microgravity environment. Students are able to compare the experiment onboard the International Space Station alongside their own classroom lab, as well as the labs in other schools in the network.

Students run ground analogs to the Flight 6 experiment in two parts, first with Rhizobia, followed by Azotobacter. Each trial will consist of four petri dishes. Students will document and share observations with the ExoLab network.

Our students have now been a part of two ExoLab launches and we are now on our third investigation growing clover. Sign up your Space Farmer today! 

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