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My clients have named me a "Morphologist."​ They tell me that my work helps them to reshape their thoughts, perceptions and actions to create what they truly want in life. As a Transformational Coach, I inspire others to work in partnership to increase their personal satisfaction in life and to help them to live in the moments they create. My clients expand their horizons, their potential, realize their dreams, listen to the depth of oneself, & recognize the limitless capacities they hold within themselves. My clients learn to move their own mountains, as they become self-directed and make responsible choices for their own well being.

Are you ready to realize your life decisions through our co-created partnership. Become the vision you see for yourself!  My ideal clients range in ages from 20 to retirement & beyond. I work with teachers, parents, childcare workers, college & university students, coordinators, directors, sales managers, pre and post retirees. 

If you are someone looking for life balance, a need to morph and change your habits, make better life choices, want to realize your personal visions & take decisive action to move towards your desires and passions, then I am the coach for you! Discover your potential through the Power of Personal Coaching, in a Co-Created Partnership. You are worth living the life you want to design for yourself! 



Ideal clients are between the ages of 5-19. Youth who need support in terms of finding their self-esteem, confidence, power to choose, get inspired, need to find their own motivation, deal with bullying, learn to work with siblings or self-doubt, fears, will learn learn to make healthy life changing decisions and take actions that will empower them. Whatever the need is, if your child is struggling in school, at home or with friendships, our program is designed to help your child mature and take ownership of their immediate and future life. 


Table Talks for Parents

Table Talks for Parents


Our Table Talks are designed as an open discussion conference, lead by Dianea Carroll Phillips (PPCC, B.ED) and occasional guest speakers. They are a great way to connect with other parents experiencing the similar issues. Our Table Talks run at the same time as the  Kids' Mentoring Workshops for your convenience. The themes are the same as the mentoring workshops for kids but tailored for the parent's experiences and perspectives. At Top-Kids we strive to help your family concerns become positive and helpful to your family's well-being. 

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