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Dianea is a recognized International Speaker in Montreal and abroad. She is a veteran speaker, PD presenter at Johnson Space Center's Space Educators Exploration Conference (SEEC) in Houston Texas. She is a presenter at the Montreal QPAT Teachers Convention, the Montreal Aviation Museum, schools and community organizations. She is a recognized DKG International Speaker. 

The following workshops are open to teachers, parents students, homeschool an unschooling organizations. and parents. 

  • Black History Month - Empowering Black Youth and Sensitizing Others
  • Black History Month - History to Know and Roots to Grow
  • How To Be More Coach Like in Your Teaching Everyday
  • Demystifying Homework! Lose the Pain and Make Gains! 
  • WELLNESS: Juicy Journaling – Empower Yourself! 
  • Guided Imagery – Wellness Activities 
  • Vision Boards - Wellness Activity
  • The Intersection of Art and Science
  • The Art of Storytelling! Spin Your Own Tales
  • Envisions Education Program - Changing Behavior One Action at a Time
  • NASA Education SPACE Activities (hands on) 
  • Science Yourself! No G’s About It! Aerospace PD
  • STEM TO STEAM Hands on Workshops (includes Parent and Child workshops)
  • Bring Aviation Into Your Classroom (*May be held at the Montreal Aviation Museum)
  • Focal Point for Collaboration and Change in Your School or Cycle (School Boards only)
  • Win Win Discipline (Kagan Cooperative Learning)

Contact us for a comprehensive list of other Professional Development topics. 

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